Post-op Instructions: Bleaching

In order to achieve maximum results, please follow the instructions you have been given carefully.

Before each bleaching session, be sure to brush and floss your teeth to prepare the surface for contact with the whitening gel. Apply a thin line of bleaching gel across the middle front surface of the custom tray. You only need to put gel in areas that you want to bleach. Do not bleach any porcelain crowns. The gel should cover the whole front surface of the tooth. if a lot of gel squeezes out, you have used too much gel. Wipe any excess gel away with either your finger or a wet toothbrush.

Wear your trays for 1 hour a day every day for 2 weeks. The consecutive days optimizes the result. If you are getting some sensitivity, you may elect to take a day off. If you are really feeling your teeth are very sensitive, please contact the office. You may benefit from a fluoride or calcium paste treatment.

When you remove the bleaching trays, rinse your mouth with warm water to remove the gel. Top remove the gel from the trays, rinse them with warm water and brush out the gel with a toothbrush. Wait one hour after bleaching before eating or drinking (especially stain producing foods/drinks) as teeth are more susceptible to staining right after bleaching.

Keep in mind that filling and crowns will not change color. Also it is best not to bleach for a week before having fillings or bonding (porcelain crowns or veneers) done.

You may want to relighten your shade every once in a while over time as you may get a minor relapse. Keep your trays. You can purchase a few tubes of “Touch-Up” bleach if you so wish.