Post-op Instructions: Bruxism appliance/Nightguard

Your bruxism guard ( Nightguard, Occlusal Splint) is designed specifically for you to protect your teeth and your jaw joint.

At first, you may want to try wearing it a few hours at a time during the day so that it will not be so difficult to get used to while you are sleeping. Try to wear it as often as you can in order to protect your teeth.

You might find at first that you are salivating a lot. As your body gets used to wearing the splint, your salivary flow will return to normal.

Your bite should feel even and balanced with both sides touching at the same time. If your splint is uncomfortable in any way, or if your bite is heavier in some areas than others, please call us to make an adjustment appointment.

Bring your appliance to regular check-up and cleaning appointments so that we can see if it needs smoothing or adjustment.

Remember to brush your mouthguard out and rinse it when you remove it from your mouth. You may also use a commercially available “retainer cleaner” once a month to help keep it clean.

Store your mouthguard in a safe place- Dogs love them!

If you have any questions, please call us!