Post-op Instructions: Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes you may feel pain or discomfort after a root canal appointment. It is often best to take your normal over-the-counter pain medication before the anesthetic comes out to ensure that it has it’s maximum effect. Often putting a cold compress on the area will help decrease the discomfort as well. Several factors including the condition of the tooth before the treatment was done, and whether or not you clench or grind may determine what level of discomfort you feel afterwards, if any.

If antibiotics have been prescribed, continue taking them as directed even if all the symptoms and signs of infection are gone.

A root canal may take several appointments. In between appointments, or after your root canal is finished, you may have a temporary filling until the final restoration is placed. It is not unusual for small portions of this filling to chip away, but if a large portion or the entire filling comes out please call us to make an appointment so it can be replaced. It is best to stay away from chewing on this tooth during this time as it is more fragile.

To protect your tooth, which becomes more brittle when the nerve and blood vessels inside the are no longer alive, it is best to have a crown placed on the tooth.

If you are concerned or have questions, please call us!